Yulia - we hope you liked it here

Yuliya Tanasyuk
"I really appreciate an opportunity of being a member of a wonderful team of CNL for the last two months at Technical University of Kosice. I’ve got precious experience of giving classes totally in English, working with students, accessing the high-quality equipment; cooperating with network professionals, using up-to-day computer technologies. But among the most powerful achievements of my stay are the people, whom I’ve met here. We were having a very good time together, teaching, learning, travelling, cooking, and having fun. Thank you for being there! I hope for long-lasting relationships, and I’ll be glad to come back to Kosice once more " Yuliya Tanasyuk, assoc. profesor, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivsti National University, Ukraine (Kosice, 1.2. – 29.3.2013)


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