CNL scientific and research activities are organized on the basis “internal projects” that are solved by project teams consisting of DCI employees, doctoral students and selected students of FEEI TU (students are selected in the task teams on the basis of tenders):

Monitoring, management and visualisation of topologies in LAN and WAN

Following tasks are solved: automated operation management, administrative support (including documentation administration and archiving), team and project management, PR, marketing, coordination of other activities, interactive www portal, RCNA, introduction of new elements: Web cam, voice portal, management of the project development on the basis of www, remote RCNA, www services support (accounts, mailing lists, proxy…)

The project currently consists of two parts:

  • IS@Lab – information lab system CNL based on WWW;
  • Synets – creation of the system, methodologies and procedures for the complex centralized management of the computer network administration using LDAP directory services.

e-learning@lab, virtual communication infrastructures and their use in education (e-learning) technologies and their solution

Following tasks are solved: building of tele-educational server – virtual university Lab portal concept, video-server, streaming server, development of multi-medial applications, information system on the e-learning issues, building of multi-medial database for educational materials and activities, organization of Lab based educational activities.

Currently e-learning@Lab includes the following projects:

  • Virtual lab ( ) – provides internet connection to Cisco facilities in the CNL lab (project KEGA);
  • Progressive e-learning solutions, – development, testing and implementation of new e-learning technologies and solutions in the educational environment.

video@lab, implementation of powerful streaming technologies in the IP network environment

Solution for the following tasks is sought: operation of the video-conference systems LPS (VRVS,, their implementation in the LPS activities, the concept of use of video-conference solutions for educational purposes, experiments with video-conference solutions, development of archiving system for VRVS (EVO).

The project currently consists of the following parts:

  • Development of a streaming server of a new generation – (IPTV)
  • Project ATVN-EU-GP solved within 6th RP (SSA),  – Academic Internet Television Network Showcases – The Best of Good Practise Activities
  • Project: PRO_NMS, project solved within 6th RP (SSA), – the objective is to provide support for formation of consortia for project preparation in the 7th RP (the project is addressing research oriented organizations, small and medium companies in the new member countries of Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Ukraine).
  • Development of distributed archivation system for videoconferencing system VRVS/EVO

MONICA – Monitoring and Optimization of Network Infrastructures Communications and Applications

The project is focused on research regarding quality of services, monitoring and performance optimization of network infrastructure. In today’s world of network communication where tendencies to voice, video and data services convergence becomes more and more dominating, we notice constant increase in network performance and security requirements. Network monitoring leads to larger effort to provide the optimal performance and increase security.
Official website of the project: MONICA

VoIP@Lab, voice services of new generation

This project focuses on the introduction of VoIP technologies in the academic network environment. It implements IP telephony on the basis of the SANET infrastructure (Slovak Academic Network).

Partial projects:

  • Interconnection of the VoIP network with PSTN network – this project is oriented on the possibilities of calling from VoIP networks in the PSTN networks and vice-versa;
  • VoIP solution at TUKE
  • Telephone directory application – Directory of IP telephone numbers in the Slovak academic sphere;
  • ENUM – pilot operation;
  • NetAcad VoIP Working Group – coordination of the working group involved in the VoIP issues in EMEA region EMEA (NetAcad).

In recent years the Lab was involved in several significant international research projects in the field of network infrastructures:

  • Project of cooperation with Frauenhofer Institute (FOKUS) in Berlin in the field of monitoring of operation of extensive network infrastructures (Frauenhofer Institute is a prominent European research base involved in the issues of new network technologies). A testing point connected to Frauenhofer Institute and high speed European communication highways were built in the premises of the lab;
  • Projects of unique pilot video-conference solutions for symposia ATMTU 2000, ATMTU 2001, ISTEP 2001, ICETA 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005. As a part of these projects the video-conference was held for the first time in the Slovak Republic with Asahi University in Tokyo and Queensland University in Australia; unique project of experimental TU video-server (; project “Centre of e-learning technologies on the NetAcad basis“ supported by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 3 million Slovak crowns; SANET based IP telephony project; Virtual laboratory project; VRVS project in cooperation with California Technology Inst.; projects focusing on development of tele-educational infrastructures within Leonardo da Vinci Program in cooperation with the company elfa (TELEHUMAN, DEPSIS, eEDUSER) etc.
  • Very close cooperation was launched with „Jyväskylä Polytechnic, School of Information Technology, Finland“.

Significant projects based on LPS in 2006 (coordinator F. Jakab):

  • Evaluation of the operational parameters of broadband communication infrastructures: development of support platforms (VEGA);
  • Network of virtual laboratories for management of real systems (KEGA);
  • PRO_NMS: PRO Active Actions for NMS (6RP, SSA);
  • ATVN-EU-GP: Academic Internet Television Network Showcases the best of good practise (6RP, SSH);
  • TUKE – „Wireless High Tech University“ (TU project);
  • Implementation of intelligent digital technologies of a new generation in the education and organization of the scientific and research work – (Central Development Project of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic).